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Tell Us Your Energy Story

Have you made changes at your home or at work that will help save energy and protect the environment? If so, tell us about them and have your story featured on the Central New York Energy Challenge Web site. We are gathering stories from folks like you from around the region in any format that you would like to share. Have a video? A blog post? A photograph? Let us know! Below are a few things to think about that might help get you started:

+ Type of changes made to improve your home’s energy efficiency or installation of a renewable energy project (for example, did you seal air leaks? Replace lights? Upgrade appliances/products? Install a solar panel system? Put up a small wind mill?)

+ Reasons for making the energy-improvements to your home (saving on energy bills, increasing home comfort, beautifying your residence, acting on environmental concerns- etc.)

+ Types of support received to help complete your project (maybe you sought help from technical or professional sources, or received financial assistance from a store, utility company, or individual)

+ Length of time taken to complete your improvements

+ Any savings recognized on your energy bills as a result of the changes made

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