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Giant east Antarctic glacier melting with warmer oceans

Warming ocean water is said to be melting the largest glacier in east Antarctica, underscoring climate change's assault on the continent's ice cover. Australians scientists returning with the first direct measurements ...

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Solar energy: building a new industry in WNY from the ground up

One of the world’s biggest solar panel factories is arising from the rubble of a long-abandoned steel plant in South Buffalo. The potential exists for a second solar panel plant in ...

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SolarCity Launches Homebuilder Program on East Coast

Homebuilders across the East Coast can now partner with SolarCity, the nation's #1 solar power provider, to secure affordable, clean energy for new home communities. More than 10 local homebuilders ...

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President Praises Solar Progress in State of the Union Speech

Citing its continued growth, President Obama once again has singled out solar energy in his annual State of the Union speech. Afterward, Rhone Resch , president and CEO of the ...

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President Obama's State of the Union: U.S. leads world in wind energy production

In his State of the Union speech tonight, President Obama highlighted U.S. wind energy leadership as an American success story. “As the President noted, America produces more wind energy than any ...

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